Have you ever felt anxious or exhausted coming back to work after having some time off? Like everything feels heavy, knowing that you will now come back to a daily, maybe stressful life, where you feel like you are not enough or you don't have time for yourself?

I used to do that as well and it was.. Hard. However I have now learned what my needs are and how I can take care of myself in the best possible way. Yes, that includeds making some changes in life but the benefits are enormous when you, without quilt, can put yourself first.

During this course I will tune into your needs and Wake You Up.. You deserve so much more. Together we find out what that could look like and how to shift mindset, setting boundaries, release stuck emotions and to let go ot limiting belies created during a lite time.

From there we start new, healthy, patterns and routines so that you, this
year, can come back to work with increased energy and new perspective
of how life can be lived instead

I always put a lot of love, energy and healing in my courses for you to
feel the difference and therefore I have limited spaces in the course
because I really want to attend to each and every single one of the
students needs. So it you teel like this resonates with you make sure to
reserve your spot

The course is suitable for all levels, no previous experience ot yoga,
meditation, breathwork or manifestation is required **

I'm here it you have any questions or concerns.
Lots and lots of love