My Story

Li Eklundh

First of all - Thank You for being here. I do believe you are here for a reason. I would like to introduce myself a little, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I am here for You.

So who am I? Well that's a hard question to answer shortly because I am everything since we are all one and you are too. So the easier way to describe what I do is that I have a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Social work and I am an International Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer. I live in Sweden for the moment but I travel a lot to Spain, which feels like my second home and it's where I have my beloved “Yoga Family”.

It was here that a big shift in my life happened when I had a burn out in 2018, a transformation began when I was feeling absolute worst in life. Unhealed traumas, too much stress in daily life and at work ended with a burn out that I had a hard time accepting. The burn out turned out to be a blessing though when I met my yoga teacher, Yogi Kaivalyananda, and I started doing yoga and meditation - all the puzzle pieces fell into place and I could finally start to heal from the inside and transform my life.

My big passion in life has ever since this been yoga and to help others to heal and evolve, to give people the tools they need in order to be able to live the life they want for themselves. There is no bigger joy than to see and feel the transformation when my students have realized what they need to feel good and start enjoying life in a way they haven't before.


It sounds like a cliche but it's true. Many people think of yoga as stretching, and that's absolutely one part of it, but yoga is about so much more than this. It's about uniting the Body, Mind and Soul and how we can learn how to master the mind so that we are not controlled by old thought patterns and actions.

For me yoga is therapy and medicine in one, a hard to describe ongoing healing process - I don't need anything else than yoga to be able to change my mood or feelings because regardless how I am feeling the yoga practice heals me in every way; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. This is what I make you experience and teach in my courses and I really hope that you will give me the great opportunity and confidence to Empower You on your path in life.
© 2022 Yogini Li
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