Magic moments await you

The School of Transformation and Self-Realisation (TSR)

A 6-month investment in yourself that educates and empowers you to have your transformation.

This 6-month Lite Changing journey will teach you how to connect with yourself, to learn how to shift your mindset, to create awareness of your body, mind, soul & emotions so that you can start listening to and understand yourselt. This will give you Motivation & Power to make the needed changes in your life.
Who are they
what is this school?
They are both International Yoga Teachers and Healers and they have helped many people to have their own transformation through different classes, courses, coaching, sessions, workshops and retreats.

Yogi Kaivalyananda is an internationally recognized Yogi and Reiki Master, originally from Scotland. He is the founder of Kaivalya Kriya Yoga, a transformational system of yoga, and is also one of the world’s leading exponents of Himalayan Hatha Yoga. His passion is helping others experience deep, life-changing shifts and ultimately self-realization through yoga and energy healing. You can learn more about him here:
They have now put all of this content into The School of Transformation and Self-Realisation (TSR) to teach you how to get to know yourself, your needs and your dreams and to give you the tools to achieve those. They will be by your side all along the way.
Their dream is to make yours come true.

Live Sessions
(3x p/week)
access to
Kaivalyanandas live
yoga classes appr. 10
Workshops 3x p/month
1 week rest & reflect
every month
(still unlimited access to
Kaivalyanandas classes)
These are some of the things they cover:
Energy Shifting
Changing Mindset
Releasing Traumas
Increasing Self-Awareness
Developing Motivation Skills
Empowering Your Self-Esteem
Calming Your Nervous System
Learning To Let Go of Old Patterns & Beliefs
Creating New Routines For a Sustainable Lifestyle
Becoming the New - Healthier & Happier - Version of You
You do this Together through
Powerful Yoga, Healing, Meditation and Coaching Sessions.
All the sessions are recorded and can be done at a time that suits you,
however they encourage you to join live as much as possible
to get the most out of it.
There are only Limited Spaces in the school since Li & Kaivalyananda really want to tune into your needs with all their knowledge, energy, love & support .

The Investment for The School of Transformation and Self-Realisation (TSR) is 10k euros, however the outcome is priceless.

One condition that they have is that you are Willing to have this change, since they truly want people in the school who Wants to Evolve.

Together you will create a Healthy, Happy and Sustainable Lifestyle. Since they only have limited spaces make sure to fill out the application form thoroughly, so that they know if you are a Good Match for each other.
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1:1 Personalized Transformation

Want an even more Personalized program? Join us 1:1 to work on a deep level to release trauma, heal and create permanent shifts based on your specific needs and desires.

1 month 4444 euros

4 months 15k euros

6 months 25k euros (includes 6 month membership to the School of TSR)

Contact Li to book a discovery call whatsapp +46 70 405 09 62 / email


“I have no words to thank you for that! The pressure that I have had in my hip has completely vanished..
you have worked a miracle.. much love my friend ♥♥ ”

“Thank you so much Kaivalyananda and Li for today's class and healing session. My heart, head and
whole upper body feel so much lighter and open than ever before. The warmth and energy coming from
Li's healing was so strong and warm. So much energy moved, and I felt high and full of joy. My head
feels like it's in the sky. Cannot wait for the next sessions 😊 ”

“I have just had the most insane experience after our healing session. When you told me to lie down, I
felt my eyes start to twitch and move rapidly. The sensation then spread all over my face and everything
was moving and twitching. My forehead, nose, cheeks, back of my head. Everything! My whole face
screwed up and then everything moved down my body. My hands and feet were jerking. I thought it was
never going to stop and at the same time, I didn’t really want it to end. I have never experienced anything
like that in my life, it was incredible. After a few minutes, a wave of calmness washed over me and I had
the most expanded feeling of love and joy. I can’t thank you enough Li.. after the most wonderful evening
of yoga, this has blown my mind ❤❤❤ ”

“What an evening of complete and utter bliss, I can’t thank you enough. The emotions I have been
through tonight are quite overwhelming. The intense feeling of love for you both for everything you are
doing for this beautiful yoga community completely took me over at the end of the Integration Circle. I
felt the bond between us all.”

“Li, thank you so much to you and Kaivalyananda, these two days have already been amazing, the
sequence of the content, the healing just now, it's really blowing me away. I'm going to listen to
yesterday's meditation in bed every night this week. I already listened to it again in bed last night! Thank
you 🙏🌸✨❤ ”

“I met Yogi Kaivalyananda in a spiritual retreat in India. I felt something deep during the practice and
being touched in my heart with the purity and compassion that he emanates. I resolved to follow some of
his classes online when I would get back home and which I started recently. Then, I came across this
event, the 5-Day Challenge. I was not sure I would be able to do it as I always feel I am time pressed
having so many things to do, so many responsibilities to attend to and yet making out time for my spiritual
practices. But as I felt the transmissions and a sense of well being during the online classes I have been
doing with Yogi Kaivalyananda last week, I decided to give myself a chance by registering for the 5 Day
Challenge. By doing so, I got to know another amazing being Yogini Li. Initially, I was not planning to
join the Integration Circle but the feeling came yesterday when Yogi Kaivalyananda said that it is still
open for those who wish to join. I followed my heart and had an amazing healing experience with Yogini
Li yesterday. After the healing I quickly finished my chores, then tapped my heart and went to rest. I
could feel some vibrations like a dance of energy in my body and especially in my feet like waves moving
to and fro. I relaxed and slept deeply to wake up in the morning feeling deep gratitude and warmth and
a sense of calm and relaxation. I felt motivated to do the guided meditation in the morning today and did
the assignment for today. I experienced some emotional release and afterwards was able to write down
with clarity what my heart is yearning for. I am feeling so happy and blessed to be part of this group and
to be doing this challenge together with you all. I feel inspired and can feel so much love, warmth and
trust in our amazing teachers and guides Yogi Kaivalyananda and Yogini Li for all their love, blessings
and support. In deepest gratitude and with lots of love ❤ ”

“Before Kaivalya Kriya Yoga, I lay down for 25 minutes to tune into our transmission from last night. It
was beautiful, I felt as though a tuning fork had been struck in my body. Huge waves of vibrations. I felt
that you were really there with me. Today has been a beautiful day ❤❤❤"

When I joined the 5 day challenge I didn’t realise that it was going to be so transformational. It has been
enlightening to spend time getting to know myself. In the last session, the Guided Yin class gave me
something that I didn’t think possible. I found forgiveness for a trauma that had happened a couple of
years ago and I think I managed to let it go. I am now going to enjoy being myself ❤❤❤ ”

“Reflections on this last week with you:
What experiences have I had?:
Some moments on the matt blew my mind, especially at the end of the KKY class when we did breath
work that took me to another level.
The healing sessions have unblocked something in me and now my body feels it is floating free. I even
managed to walk down the chocolate aisle without buying anything, twice!
What has felt good?:
Everything! The mixture of different classes to beautiful meditations, from energy transmissions to
healings. A special moment was the meditation on Thursday in the Integration Circle which allowed my
inner child to come out, this was a beautiful and emotional experience
What did I get to learn about myself?:
I have never really taken the time to get to know myself deeply. I am not a deep thinker and it opened up
a lot of things that I have never been aware of. While I was reflecting on the week, I realised that I have
spent most of my life feeling judgment from others. In hindsight, I know this was not always true but it
had a knock on effect of me not always feeling worthy. This week has taught me to accept myself more
and love my life fully because to be honest, it is magic and I am a very lucky person to be me. Thank you
for that ❤ ”
If you ARE READY for your Personal Transformation and you Allow yourself to be held and quided through this Life Changing Journey, make sure to invest in yourself by applying for The School of Transformation and Self-Realisation (TSR) instead, so you don't risk someone else taking your spot
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Join a workshop for Consciouss&
Unconsiouss connection with yourself
This workshop is designed to release what vou no longer need and allow yourself to bring in what you desire through restorative and relaxing yoga, deep breathwork and meditation manifestation.

No previous experience of either yoga, meditation or breathwork
is required - ALL levels can join.
Date: 3rd of luly at 4-7 pm.
Investment: 30 euros