Li Eklundh

Li teaches women how to transform their lives, to live a life where they feel happier, healthier and in harmony with themselves.
Her beliefs are that everyone has the power to create an extraordinary life. When facing fears, achieving awareness and finding motivation - everything is possible. She shows you your way.
Li is an international yoga teacher and reiki healer and she has a degree of bachelor of science in social work.

Li had a burnout in 2018 and a transformation began when she was feeling at her absolute worst in life. Unhealed traumas, too much stress in daily life and at work ended with a burnout that she had a hard time accepting. The burn out turned out to be a blessing though when she met her yoga teacher, Yogi Kaivalyananda, and she started doing yoga and meditation.

All the puzzle pieces fell into place and Li could finally start to heal from inside out and transform her life. Everything suddenly made sense.

Li decided after just two yoga classes with Yogi Kaivalyananda to join his teacher training program. The impact of the practice was indescribable and when doing it regularly it helped her to heal from both the burnout but also from unhealed traumas based on when her father and sister died within the time space of three months, having a life-threatening disease when she was pregnant and growing up with drug and alcohol abuse in the family.

What she didn't know back then was that everything that happens to us gets stuck inside of our body and her experience was that just talking about the problems, with for example a psychologist, could not heal her wounds, they just got more opened. However she was positively surprised to learn that this authentic way of practicing yoga, helps to release stuck emotions and traumas and a healing process from the inside then begun.

Li´s journey, going from being sick, tired, stressed, feeling like she was never enough and trying to please others, to becoming awake, alive and starting to live a life in balance and always following her intuition, have also shown Li her purpose in life. After making several life changing decisions she started her own business; Yogini Li.

With her personal experience and education she has held transformation courses with incredible results for the attended students. The burnout became a blessing.

Li is passionately dedicated to empower other women to, based on their own story, create the life they deserve and desire.

With love & healing energy,

Yogini Li
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